Looking for beautiful, quality containers for gift making? Such vessels will have everyone asking you where do you get your baskets? Here’s where to find them.

Cream of the Crop

Years ago my sister worked at a busy airport reserved for private airplanes. She greeted entertainers from all over the world who traveled to attend government events or entertain the masses in New York City’s largest arenas.

Some of the many people and groups she’s met are Aerosmith, Jay-Z, Lionel Richie, Lindsay Lohan, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Owen Wilson, Cameron Diaz, and Adam Sandler. Meeting such people never fazed her. She’s not star struck and told me many times that she’s not excited by political and entertainment figures (broadcast news and social media are not on my sister’s agenda).

Leftover loot

The one result that made her smile working at this airport was the ability to keep the beautiful baskets found onboard most planes. The baskets originally contained lunches or dinners catered by firms that specialize in satisfying passengers. She shared some (not all!) of the vessels with me (all contents removed), and that also made me smile. I steamed cleaned every container before creating one-of-a-kind gifts for my clients ordering single gifts that cost more than $300.

A small percentage of my in-stock baskets was collected from my sister when she worked at the airport. The main stock was ordered through wholesalers. When you make dozens of multiple designs, especially for corporate clients, knowing where and what to buy is crucial for their satisfaction and your success.

Where do you get your baskets?

If finding quality baskets and containers drains your time and energy, this Basket Supplies list acts as a business lifesaver. Good baskets are not always easy to find, and when you need multiples, shopping at local discount stores will result in dissatisfaction. Once ordered, the Basket Supplies is downloaded to you quickly.

Having an updated basket supply sources list saves you lots of energy better used to market your business and provide customers with outstanding service.