A basket is the beginning for design success, but is that always the right gift basket choice? Here’s why containers may be better than baskets.

My initial vision

Attractive vessels chosen to make and hold gift collections allow you to set your business apart from competitors that make traditional gift baskets.

My own business began with this view. While I appreciate how baskets were the linchpin to establish the industry, I also realize that boxes, trays, and sleighs enhance my designs, allowing me to make extraordinary gifts for individuals, retailers, corporations, and manufacturers.

If creating a gift collection without baskets is your goal, start by reading the definitive buyer’s guide. Then, continue your research with this article to identify unique containers.

Choose your vessel

Deciding to create a gift basket collection, one that promotes your brand without baskets as part of the presentation, is an easy choice. The next step is finding and selecting appropriate containers. That may not be as easy, but your research will uncover containers that don’t make the cut and others that are perfect for designs.

What types of containers have potential?

  • Shoes
  • Steins
  • Wagons
  • Planters
  • Umbrellas
  • Tote bags
  • Pool tables
  • Cutting boards

That’s a small sample of your choices. I’ve created gift collections with each of them for small and large firms.

Know your why

Selecting the right type of alternative basket is no small feat. Questions I help my retail and manufacturing clients answer include:

Is this right for the firm?
Does it mirror the firm’s current vision?
Will this be the right choice for the firm for the next ___ years?

These aren’t the exact questions, as the answers must uncover reasons beyond a simple yes or no responses, but it’s close to what my clients and I explore to deliver the best results.

One success example

A retailer called me needing their new gift collection to be created and transported throughout the U.S. Baskets were not part of their vision, so I set out to locate a sturdy container that protects fragile products.

Thankfully, my long-term experience and container knowledge decreased the time taken to find two potential containers. The containers and product samples were delivered to my studio, and initial designs were created before sending prototypes to the client.

One container was chosen, and the final prototype was shipped to an outsource facility that would make all the finished designs.

Years later, that retailer still creates their gift collection in the same manner, and their revenue continues to increase.

Find out why containers may be better than baskets

Knowing both your clients’ preferences and your vision for brand promotion are vital in the initial stages of creating your unique, non-basket collection. This analysis is best determined with a specialist who understands your company’s expectations. That’s what a conversation with me reveals.

Together, we devise a strategy and turn it into a visual product that clearly and memorably identifies your brand. Let’s start the conversation today so the container that best fits your image emerges to create a gift collection your clients will always buy.