Is trademark protection for your gift basket business name in your sights? Learn more about why you might pursue a trademark.

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Start with three reasons

Trademarking your business name isn’t always a task that you might add to your start a gift basket business roster. However, whether you do or don’t, the task is a consideration.

The decision to add the Ⓡ symbol at the end of your gift basket business name is in your hands. Three things to consider are:

  • How long you believe you will operate the business
  • Your desire to not let anyone else use your business name
  • If a trademark is believed to be part of your valuable assets

Money matters

Costs to complete the process usually isn’t an issue. You either apply or you don’t according to your business goals. The application will cost hundreds of dollars whether you go through the process on your own or hire an attorney to complete the task.

The trademark procedure may seem difficult when first reviewing the application, but it is not. Many companies, probably and especially firms owned by solo entrepreneurs (this is a guess, not a fact), complete the application. However, hiring an attorney takes this process off your hands, providing you with valuable time to handle business matters you’re adept at completing.

What happens if you don’t trademark?

The answer to the above question is it depends. Two general results are:

  • Nothing happens. You move on with your business without any legal ramifications.
  • You receive a cease and desist letter from an attorney representing a company that trademarked the name you’re using.

Many individuals and companies operate under similar business names. The difference in most cases is that the businesses are in different U.S. states and countries. Separate locations cause little to no confusion, and this is also true because such firms don’t offer the same products or services.

Where to trademark

If you’re located in the United States, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is online to guide you through the process. If you’re located outside of the U.S., your country’s official website will provide you with details and a link to the proper agency.

Now that you know why you might pursue a trademark, why did you complete this goal, and if you did not, why is trademarking not part of your plan?

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