Selling gift baskets online has more potential if your gift basket social media strategy delivers results. Here’s how to achieve it in less steps than you imagine.

Marketing beyond friends and family

There’s one clear fact about making gift basket money on social media: if your target market, as defined in this marketing article, doesn’t visit any or all social media programs, then your postings are in vain.

You must know, for sure, that social media is a place where followers are interested in buying gifts so your gift baskets have a chance to be sold. Friends and family who follow you don’t count. They already know who you are and what you make. Your audience must be larger than those two groups.

The bottom line is that gift baskets absolutely sell through social media, and if you don’t yet have a strategy, perhaps this one will result in sales.

Your gift basket social media strategy

Schedule your posts

Decide which days and times you will post updates. This cannot be done haphazardly. A schedule such as every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 3:00 pm is a good example.

Choose a reason

Birthdays and new babies are always a good topic. However, you also have occasions from holidays to monthly events as a selection. In other words, you must rotate your postings according to what you believe your audience wants to buy.

Check your statistics

Measuring the effectiveness of your posts is vital for success. Every social media program provides you with tools that reveal which posts were clicked. The clicks must lead to a certain page on your website, and hopefully you have a statistics analyzer within the site to determine the posting’s effectiveness.

There are other parts to this, but these three are a good foundation as a start. Here’s the rest.

Focus on programs with the most followers

If Facebook and Instagram are popular for your business, update those programs more often than others. Just because Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn exist doesn’t mean you need to spend time there. Once you build a habit of posting in the manner mentioned above, you can expand your social activity within other programs at a later time.

The same information is okay

There’s no reason not to share similar messages on social. No one is looking at your content and saying, “She wrote the same thing on (social media program name).” Everyone who follows you on Facebook isn’t necessarily following you on Instagram or another program. The minute you start trying to figure out a different way to post on numerous programs, the more frustrated you become. You can always change your style after you develop a habit for general on-time posting.

Always include a call to action

Pretty pictures are nice, but if those photos don’t lead followers to an order page on your website, your social media time is misspent. For example, you post a Mother’s Day photo and a quote from someone who was pleased with last year’s delivery. You also include a call to action, which is to order a Mother’s Day gift today to put a smile on mom’s face. Three steps – a photo, a quote, and where to order. This basic example is one you can use, change, or upgrade according to what motivates followers.

Check and respond

You want followers to ask questions and comment on what you share. This happens more often when you respond. Be sure to type an answer, agree with their comment, or lead the person to another page on your website. Be responsive, and more people will follow and purchase.

How does your gift basket social media strategy look now?

Growing your social media following through information sharing and focusing on a call to action isn’t difficult. Sometimes it seems hard because the number of programs can be overwhelming. By starting with the programs where you have the most followers, you can then expand your reach through other social accounts when you develop a posting rhythm. Don’t overthink this simple process.